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NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight - WEEKLY REPORT - UN Crackdown, Mandatory, Persecution, etc


Nataliya B Zinchuk 18 days ago

If this is prep for Antichrist would they have to implemented these laws all around the world?

Daniela Miller 17 days ago

I wish we were able to watch this on YouTube. YouTube had a wonderful feather called 1.25 or 1.50 speed. It helped me with a long video. Also I’m a fast talker and have a hard time listening to a slow talker (no offense ☺️) that fetcher was so nice. Wish Vimeo had a fast speed fetcher.

Mary Brewer 14 days ago

Climate disasters are caused by the elite, which God is allowing.....Do a little research on " The Rewilding of America. " This has been planned for a long time. They are herding people out of certain areas.

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