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NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight reveals the NEW BIRDWATCH which is all part of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Basically fact checking you on the platforms. Reminding the Bride, that what they say and what they do are two seperate things. She then exposes the children's success rate of Covid being 100%. "So why would they inject them with a death shot?" Dr. Zelenko to the Rabbinical In Jerusalem also states "the vaccine is only needed for child sacrifice." Not to mention "why give adults the same shot if it didn't work the first time" Spike proteins, from the vaccine are a mass production in your blood and they are creating thorns in your blood vessels, number one cause of death is a stroke" The Dr. announces.  Dr. June then vocalizes "85% of Israel is vaccinated, what happened to "HERD IMMUNITY?" PEOPLE PLEASE! Tell me this! It Used to be 70% and now it's not even good enough?? Dr. June connects all this to the UN AGENDA, WEF and PRESIDENT TRUMP. Remembering the serpent bite from Trump's speech stating "You knew I was a SNAKE and you let me in." Putting together THE SERPENT BITE, the Abraham Accord Coin, and His Signature on his new MAGA HATS with the FANGS! Dr. June Knight then goes on to expose and shine the light on more Truth in the world events today and the FARCE they are putting out to trap the Bride. Keep your eyes on the Lord, Bride and He will keep you from these traps that the enemy has set out to get you.