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September 14, 2021 - Dr. June exposes how the mandates are coming. They are not going to end the pandemic. It is now called the endemic - meaning it will never end. However, they feel that to get to their sustainable developmental goals, they must shut the Non-V'ers out of the world. So, the mandates have begun. They are cracking down with financial pressure right now. Dr. June believes the UN is using Florida and Texas as examples of extremism (going against their climate change agenda). We already see the UN mad at Texas about the Pro-Life law. Dr. June talks about the 666 Cryptocurrency system using body metrics data. They're all gearing up for the circular economy - We The People... And More...


Gloria Stone 13 days ago

When this Bishop Smith talked about the storage data cloud, a light went on in my head. When God lead us Hebrews in the wilderness, it was a cloud and the cloud was Jesus. The devil is coping God, but he's using man's own technology to do it. When the Bishop talked about the water representing the currency, in Revelation it talks about a seven headed beast with ten horns coming up from the sea. John in Revelation is using a Hebrew idiom where the sea in Hebrew writings stood for chaos in Gentile governments. John sees a seven headed beast with ten horns rising out of the sea. Out of the Gentile governments we see the G7 and the G10 which control the world's economic systems. Out of that system will rise the antichrist. Let me explain anti in Hebrew. It doesn't mean against in means another. In other words another Jesus. With what I have learned about this NAR group, they are preparing the world to accept this other Jesus.The false prophet will head up the religions of the world and he will force people to take the mark of the beast or they can't buy or sell etc. He also creates an image of the beast and fills the beast with a spirit which causes the image to speak. This in Hebrew is called a golum which is a living being without a soul. This religious leader will preach another Jesus and will control the economy for the antichrist. Wednesday night at sundown is Yom Kippur, which Paul calls the last trump or the great trump when Jesus, Yeshua comes for his bride. It's called a moed in Hebrew, an appointed time by God. This was a wonderful study today on the eve of Yom Kippur. Thank you for the information. In Judaism we are taught that the greatest form of worship is to study God's word. Shalom, Gloria

Gloria Stone 13 days ago

Sorry my comment printed twice, I guess I hit the wrong button. I really did enjoy this Bishop. God Bless, Gloria

Jennifer 12 days ago

Wow! Just Wow!! Whoooooh!!! Glory! I got happy bubbles Bride. I kid you not, I have been asking God to help me to understand and to stand true. And for the last week I have been having thoughts about the words such as currency, waters, 10 kingdoms and have been considering their meanings in conjunction w the book of Revelation. This preacher hit a homerun right out of the ball park, Bride. Certainly the things that he says in this vid is hair raising but at the same time, the pieces are falling into place. The Bible & God is true. Jesus is even more real to me than before. Jesus's promises are true. He is coming for us soon and very soon. We just need to hold on and continue to stand in that day. Thank you ever so much for all your hard work Dr June.

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