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NEWS TODAY! Dr. June Knight warns the Bride the urgency to get prepared and shine the truth on who is legitimate and who is not. Who is out to distract you and or decieve you. She sounds the alarm CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWNS. HAARP creates disasters manipulating the weather pattern. She exposes the media saying ' NO TRAVEL ' they are doing away with gas. She unveils FOX NEWS as the controlled opposition that they are. She goes on with saying $2.3 TRILLION Dollars INFRASTRUCTURE BILL PASSED, to BUILD BACK BETTER and Dr. June Knight reveals them using that money to place the 'MILLION MAN ARMY' Trump is bringing in for  'OPERATION WARP SPEED.'  Collapse is coming and LIGHTS WILL GO OUT! To RESET EVERYTHING! She unearths the remote sensing technologies and satellites they are building to correspond with digital twins and the digital medical universe. METAVERSE as FACEBOOK states is.