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  NEWS TODAY. Dr. June Knight Discloses fresh off the press from  HOMELAND SECURITY NEW NATIONAL TERROISM ADVISORY SYSTEM  (NTAS) Trump setting up the Christians, getting them ready for the slaughter. All of them in the FREEDOM MOVEMENT. They're not exposing the UN AGENDA and World Economic Forum. So she explains how they are warning the public. They call these "Domestic Terrorists" are groups of CONSPIRACY THEORIES, FALSE NARRATIVE, INTENTIONAL DISINFORMATION. She discovers that it states 'grievance- base violence' meaning more violence and chaos coming our way. It goes on to say under additional details: "2021 Radical or ethnically motivated violent extremists and anti- government anti- authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the U.S.'' Now what does this mean, if they lock us down expecting more chaos. They consider these Freedom base marches a TERRORIST ATTACK. She brings to light all the rallies going on these next weeks. Trump is doing rallies in the middle of all this. She then reveals Biden cracking down on the 'v' and incentives plus Federal Workers attest to their 'V- Status.' Bringing into the open the ATTESTATION FORM, a cert for vaccination attesting you have got the 2 shots. Disciplinary action potentially criminal persecution if you lie. DO NOT LIE! Repeat, do not LIE Bride. Stay pure, stay holy, and cling to the Lord in these times.