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Dr. June Knight shines the light on many things happening in the next 6 weeks. FEMA  and FCC    ( Federal Emergency Management Agency & Federal Communications Commission)  are sending out TEST messages by TV and PHONE on August 11th. She exposes the testing they are doing on the 5G. While Biden announces the weather forecast in America will have many disasters. FEMA paid $5 Billion to all the states to prepare for what is about to happen. Next we have weather wars, HAARP comes into play and manipulates the weather. With Floods, Fires, Droughts, and now Haboobs.  Next we have America First Agenda and the rallies going on in the next week. Who says Trump will be 'resurrected' and reinstated by August with a whole new government. Along with FREEDOM MOVEMENT, to get up and rise up Aug 11th "Wednesday Walk Out'. To riot and protest. Which by all means is not the way to go. Then we have the Infrastructure coming to fruition, the bones to REBUILD. AKA BUILD BACK BETTER. By the World Economic Forum digitalizing to create a global circular economy. She revealed that the FDA will be expecting approval for J&J and Pfizer Covid vaccines by September 6th. Pentagon requiring Covid vaccine for ALL MILITARY. 1.4 million troops. Trump during his presidency announced he ordered a MILLION MAN ARMY for 2 years 2020-2022, this is "OPERATION WARP SPEED!" She blew the whistle on 6G connecting house to house, wifi implants, automated cars, and cellular surfaces. THE INTERNET OF THINGS and THE MESH. Most of all she teaches the Bride how to prepare their heart and their life in full surrender to the Creator for the cyber attacks that are coming.