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* Kim Iversen: Capitol Police Expanding Nation Wide

* Lost Your Vaccine Card? 

* Mississippi Farmers Say Heavy Flooding Caused Them To Lose Crops

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* New York City To Mandate Vaccines For Indoor Restaurants, Gyms, Performances

* Elon Musk Talks About Aliens


Kim Iversen: Capitol Police EXPANDING Nationwide, Why This Is A Huge PROBLEM


Kim Iversen details the reported expansion of the Capitol Police.




Lost Your Vaccine Card? Here’s What You Need To Do


New Yorkers will soon be grabbing their COVID-19 vaccine cards after the city announced that proof of vaccination will be necessary for certain indoor activities — but what happens if they have misplaced the important record of their status?

The paper card contains vital information including the brand of vaccine received as well as the dates that a person was immunized — and it will be the key to entering indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms in the Big Apple starting on Aug. 16.

While Gotham residents can’t get another vaccine card at this time, there are other ways to prove that they’ve been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Here’s what New Yorkers can do if they’ve lost the card: Read More 




Mississippi Farmers Say Heavy Flooding Caused Them To Lose Crops


Farmers in northern Mississippi said they lost a number of crops due to heavy flooding in the area. Torrential rains caused the heavy flooding that affected counties in the Mississippi-Yazoo Delta. While officials acknowledged that the inundated farmlands will affect the state’s economy, they assured that Mississippi’s food production will remain unaffected.

Andy Gipson, the state’s agriculture and commerce minister, went to northern Mississippi to observe the impacted farmlands. “It was just torrential. It looked like a tropical storm,” he said. Gipson added: “[The flooded farmlands] look like lakes where there was cotton and soy beans. [There] are even cornfields that are totally underwater.”

According to Gipson, he has not seen flooding that severe in the state throughout his tenure in the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. He said: “This is really an unprecedented event as far north as it is in [northern] Mississippi. We are used to seeing the flooding in [the] south Delta, the Yazoo backwater and other parts of the state, but this event has dropped about 20 inches of rain in north Mississippi and the north Delta.” Read More