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* Israel Firm's Spyware Targeted Journalists Reports Say 

* China Threatens To Begin World War III

* China Is Buying Up American Farms Washington Wants To Crack Down 

* Dr. Anthony Fauci To Sen. Rand Paul At Hearing

* Donald Trump's Latest Dangerous Vaccine Pronouncement

* The IPAWS National Test 

* Jeff Bezos Blasts Into Space On Own Rocket

* U.S. Issues 'Urgently Needed' Cybersecurity Warning To Pipeline Operators Amid New Rift With China Over Hacking

* Bill Gates And George Soros Buy Out U.K. Covid Test Company Mologic

* French President Emmanuel Macron Has 'Gone Mad'

* Hannity Pleads With His Viewers To Get Vaccinated 

* White House Confirms A Fully Vaccinated Official Tested Positive For Covid-19

* House GOP Leaders Castigate Biden Over Cuba Policy 

* Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Makes His Picks For Jan 6th Select Committee

* Is Your ARK Ready? Flooding Are Surging Around The World And Seem To Become A New Normal

* Britian To Permanently Deploy Two Warships In Asian Waters

* Twitter Suspends U.S. Republican Greene For Posts


Israeli Firm's Spyware Targeted Journalists, Reports Say

An Israeli company's spyware was used in attempted and successful hacks of 37 smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists around the world, according to an investigation by 17 media organizations.





China Threatens To Begin World War III


A video has appeared online that reportedly is circulating among Chinese Communist Party channels in which the repressive regime on the mainland there threatens to unleash a "continuous" nuclear war on the world.

"When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force, even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane and one ship, we will not only return reciprocal fire but also start a full-scale war against Japan," the statement threatens.     Read More 



China Is Buying Up American Farms. Washington Wants To Crack Down.


The push to drain China’s influence from the U.S. economy has reached America’s farm country, as congressional lawmakers from both parties are looking at measures to crack down on foreign purchases of prime agricultural real estate.

House lawmakers recently advanced legislation to that effect, warning that China’s presence in the American food system poses a national security risk. And key Senate lawmakers have already shown interest in efforts to keep American farms in American hands.




Dr. Anthony Fauci To Sen. Rand Paul At Hearing: You Do Not Know What You're Talking About


Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, got into a heated exchange this morning during a hearing on the origins of the Covid-19 virus. After Paul alleged that Fauci lied to Congress, the doctor told Paul he didn't know what he was talking about.





Donald Trump's Latest Dangerous Vaccine Pronouncement


The numbers are deeply worrisome.Covid-19 cases -- fueled by the fast-spreading Delta variant -- have nearly tripled over the past three weeksEvery state in the country has seen an increase in cases.

It is, by any measure, a fraught moment in the 16-month fight against the virus. People need to get vaccinated or run the very real risk of getting the Delta variant.
At moments like these, leaders matter. What our elected officials say (and do) about vaccines matter -- they model behavior that, ideally, people follow. 
Enter Donald Trump.
"Joe Biden kept talking about how good of a job he's doing on the distribution of the Vaccine that was developed by Operation Warp Speed or, quite simply, the Trump Administration," the 45th president said in a statement released via his Save America PAC on Sunday. "He's not doing well at all. He's way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don't trust his Administration, they don't trust the Election results, and they certainly don't trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth."
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The IPAWS National Test


FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this summer.

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests will begin at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

The Wireless Emergency Alert portion of the test will be directed only to consumer cell phones where the subscriber has opted-in to receive test messages. This will be the second nationwide WEA test, but the first nationwide WEA test on a consumer opt-in basis. The test message will display in either English or in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the wireless handset.

The Emergency Alert System portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. This will be the sixth nationwide EAS test. Read More 



Jeff Bezos Blasts Into Space On Own Rocket: ‘Best Day Ever!’


VAN HORN, Texas— Jeff Bezos blasted into space Tuesday on his rocket company’s first flight with people on board, becoming the second billionaire in just over a week to ride his own spacecraft.



US Issues ‘Urgently Needed’ Cybersecurity Warning To Pipeline Operators Amid New Rift With China Over Hacking


The Department of Homeland Security has ordered pipeline owners and operators to implement “urgently needed protections” against cyberattacks, in the second such directive since a crippling ransomware attack in May.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued its latest directive to pipeline owners and operators on Tuesday, more than two months after a ransomware attack shut down a critical gasoline and diesel pipeline carrying half the fuel supply of the entire US East Coast. The attack forced the line’s operator, Colonial Pipeline, to shut much of its network for several days, until a ransom was paid to the cybercriminals responsible.

The directive asks companies like Colonial Pipeline to “implement specific mitigation measures to protect against ransomware attacks,” to “develop and implement a cybersecurity contingency and recovery plan,” and to “conduct a cybersecurity architecture design review.”  Read More 






Bill Gates And George Soros Buy Out UK Covid Test Company Mologic


George Soros and Bill Gates are part of a consortium acquiring a British developer of rapid-testing technology, including for Covid-19 and tropical diseases, to turn it into a social enterprise.

The group, led by the Soros Economic Development Fund, an investment division of the billionaire philanthropist’s Open Society Foundations, is investing at least £30 million in Mologic, which develops lateral flow and fast diagnostic technologies. Read More 



French President Emmanuel Macron Has ‘Gone Mad’

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says French President Emmanuel Macron has “gone mad”. “If you look at his vaccine passport idea, it is absolutely crazy,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Rita Panahi. “He wants to have a severe system whereby if you aren’t double vaccinated then you basically are no longer a free citizen. “I’m delighted to see people protesting, the way to encourage people to get the vaccination is through persuasion, not through authoritarianism and our leaders should remember that.”






Hannity Pleads With His Viewers To Get Vaccinated: 'I Believe In The Science Of Vaccination'


On Monday's Hannity, Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity urged his viewers to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

"Please take COVID seriously," begged Hannity. "I can't say it enough. Enough people have died. We don't need anymore death. Research like crazy. Talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust based on your unique medical history, your current medical condition, and you and your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety. Take it seriously."

Preliminary data from several states has shown that over the past few months, 99.5 percent of the people who have died from COVID were unvaccinated, and Hannity's plea comes as the highly contagious Delta variant, which is now the dominant strain in the United States, spreads throughout the country. Read More 



White House Confirms A Fully Vaccinated Official Tested Positive For Covid-19


A senior spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a White House official tested positive for Covid-19 after coming into contact with Democrats from the Texas state legislature last week.




House GOP Leaders Castigate Biden Over Cuba Policy As Protesters Suffer Crackdown


House GOP leadership hold a weekly press briefing in which they condemned President Biden's response to the protests in Cuba and the continuing surge of migrants crossing the southern border.




Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Makes His Picks For Jan. 6th Select Committee

CNBC's Shep Smith reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has named the 5 GOP representatives he hopes to have on the House select committee investigating the insurrection on January 6th. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO





Is your ARK ready? Floodings are surging around the world and seem to become a new normal…


Apocalyptic floodings aren’t only happening in Germany and Belgium right now. Actually, it seems that such biblical floods are increasing around the world and are becoming a new normal! Here the latest worldwide reports. The two dams failed on Sunday afternoon after a torrential downpour saw 87 millimeters of rainfall in the area over the weekend and 223 millimeters at a nearby monitoring. Read More 




Britain To Permanently Deploy Two Warships In Asian Waters


TOKYO -Britain said on Tuesday it would permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters after its Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort ships sail to Japan in September through seas where China is vying for influence with the United States and Japan.

Plans for the high-profile visit by the carrier strike group come as London deepens security ties with Tokyo, which has expressed growing alarm in recent months over China's territorial ambitions in the region, including Taiwan.           Read More 



Twitter Suspends U.S. Republican Greene For Posts


Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account temporarily suspended when she posted that the coronavirus is not dangerous for non obese people and people under 65