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January 13, 2022 - Dr. June has the opportunity to be a part of the biggest meeting of the year globally as a White House Correspondent. This meeting is five days and we will have a group of panelists with us in the meeting. We will report back to you Bride every night about what we learn. We need to raise money to pull this off. We have a $600 need.

Please donate to We will move the What the World videos to February and not do Fireside Chat next week so we can do these panelist meetings. Thank you for your support. You can't make this up that this falls into Dr. June's lap as she is beginning writing the fourth book in the What the World series about ONE WORLD ORDER - GLOBAL GOVERNANCE THROUGH THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY! God is wanting her to put it in the book what we learn!

So...if you want to be one step ahead of the enemy you will support this endeavor in any way. Thank you Bride. You can also pre-order these books on our website at