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As the Bride, we are aware that our choice to refuse the vaccination will impact health care as we have known it up until now. While we trust in the Lord to guide us moving forward, there are key aspects that are important for us to consider now. Prescription medications are a piece of our healthcare regimen that needs our consideration today.

Typically a visit to the doctor is necessary in order to obtain a prescription for these medications. With increased mandates and restrictions on our society, it is clear to see that the unvaccinated will be excluded from the public healthcare system. Therefore our access to prescription medications very well may be limited or blocked in the near future.

There are steps we can take today to prepare ourselves for these upcoming changes.

  • Obtain a multi-month supply of any current prescriptions
  • Inquire with your doctor or a naturopathic physician about self-weaning process
  • Identify pharmaceutical companies that ship meds via mail w/o prescription (if needed)
  • Research alternative natural replacements for medications

There are basic aspects to consider when weaning off medication. Naturally your body will experience side effects from coming off your prescriptions.

  • Keeping hydrated with purified water throughout the day will support the course of detoxification
  • Consider including a good source of electrolyte’s to your routine along with Vitamins C and D
  • Be sure to schedule regular moderate exercise and ample time for quality sleep at night
  • A well balanced diet will best support you through the shifts your body will be going through.

Keep in mind if you are on several medications, it may be necessary to wean off them one at a time. If you are led to stop your medications, it is important to begin this process as soon as possible.

**Note – This offer is not legal medical advice. This is a sister in Christ who used to be a nurse who is sharing her professional advice. Always let God lead.

Author: Rambling Rose, LMT, BSN-RN 

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December 29, 2021 - a nurse from New York came by the office to visit and was gracious enough to share information to the Bride. She also gives advice on how to overcome and wean yourself off medicine. Here's a little of her story.... In April 2019 God told her to quit nursing. She was with same employer for eight years. She lived in a big four bedroom beautiful house. She drove a new car and lived a very nice life. She talked about it in the interview how we have become accustomed in America to our identity being based upon our work. Boy, does this hit home considering that on New Year's Eve the Bride is doing an Identity New Year's Eve! God has spoken to WATB that 2022 is about the Bridal Identity. Then she explained how her family, co-workers, friends and others treated her when she quit her job. She has been through much rejection and lonliness since then. Now she just travels in her car across the country and buys $1 bibles and puts them in truck stops, etc. It was an honor to have her share her professional advice to the Bride.

Her name - AKA - Rambling Rose