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July 4, 2020 - Dr. June continues with day two of the Good Morning on the Farm episodes. We are going back in time to see the TRUE agenda and how it rolled out. All of this started when Dr. June left DC. While in North Dakota for two months taking care of this elderly person, she talked to the Bride one day about the Kanye farce. She tied it to the big picture of the evangelicals and what a setup for the end-time scenario. Then the next scene shows her giving a word about 2020 in December. Then she talks to the Bride on New Year's Eve about 2020. Then the next scene is when Daniel is enjoying the snow outside. Following that is Daniel having fun with Catalina. She's only about four months old and Daniel is mocking her. She doesn't understand why he does what she does. We were rolling. Those were fun days on the farm. Then we go into a scene where Dr. June is working for LYFT and begins telling what is happening in Atlanta. People are panicking and staying in their houses, etc. This is the day before the lockdowns begin so this is chronicling what happened to our country during the downfall.

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