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**Uber Driverless Cars Already

**Elon Musk Buying Twitter brings questions from people about his true motives.

**Europe is Building a huge international facial recognition system

**Tulsa OK State Rep says recently passed "bathroom" bill could hurt business in OK. He's a Democrat

**Supreme Court Leaked Abortion information.

**President Biden's response to Supreme Court

**DC reaches $750k settlement in Trump Inaugural Lawsuit

**Trump sells DC Hotel over battle with lawsuit and Democrats

**Global Hepatitis Outbreak in children 

**Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and other investors are pouring billions into clean-tech ventures. They will be coming in homes and offering clean appliances (green) then doing it by renting it. It's a way for them to convert everyone over to the circular economy.

**Suresleep mask farce of frequency technology coming into brain while you sleep controlling dreams and rest patterns, etc. Totally creepy technology.

**Biden Administration's response to the courts halting their mandatory vaccine requirements in Head Start staff.