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Topics Covered:

**Cryptocurrency in Fort Worth Texas. They will be first city to MINE CRYPTO. Approved unanimously by board! This is terrible. It destroys the Earth.

**Making TX a leader in Crypto and Bitcoin - blockchain - basically using Texas to roll out the circular economy. Using TX for this while using DeSantis and FL for education and other things working with Outlaws. Both states are working with Israel agenda.

**Bitmain mining tool

**Blockchain economy information

**ClimateCRON - currency used within the green agenda with corporations.

**Oura Ring AI Health Monitor works with your brain to help with sleep, etc. Terrible technology.

**COVID on rise in New York

**Patent for NIH Nanotechnology

**China Lockdowns

**US House investigating more into January 6th and calling more people on the carpet

**Pre-Crime using data information

**Greece & Italy Relaxing COVID Travel Restrictions