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September 13, 2021 - Dr. June shows a video of a man from Jamaica and he shares his prophetic insight into what's happening. BE READY TO BE SHOCKED!


Julie 14 days ago

I was listening to OmegaMan with Shannon Ray Davis today. He did a special alert broadcast on YouTube. He broadcasts from Indonesia. They are now using the QR codes. He can't go to restaurants, the mall, or as of today, to the food stores attached to the malls. He is still checking on the independent markets. As of his later broadcasts tonight, Shannon said IF you go up and try to scan your QR code, and you haven't had the "s h o t" you will immediately be hauled away and held for 30 days. Shannon hasn't found out yet if you can get released without taking the poison OR what is your fate ... It's very, very serious in Indonesia! For at least a month, Shannon couldn't even leave his house without being turned back to his home ... There are lots of travel restrictions. He may even lose his status to live in the Country and be deported despite he is married and has 2 children with 1 on the way. They aren't giving out any passports. One of my friends from OmegaMan lives in Sydney, Australia. She can't travel more than 2 km from her home. Curfew. Can't exercise with anyone or only 1? Super tight restrictions. What a time to be alive. Thanks for the videos.God Bless ALL the Saints!

Keith 12 days ago

Keith Simmons •
All of this is not a man made plan at all. It was going to happen since the world began because this world belongs to satan. he and his imps hand out kingdoms to the proud. and the whole world follows after it, the beast, the one with many names. and if you're not going to choose God right now you're done. This is the famous tribulation time the revealing for us, the delusion for them- that is why there's nothing you or I can do about it. So basically while they are fighting to have crumbs on earth, we are in the midst of the biggest rescue mission ever conceived. The separation of the wheat and tares. so I will never need anyone to feel sorry for me. Nor do I care what anyone thinks of me. None of this was going to be easy to watch or go thru. We will be delivered up for not complying, What did you think they were connecting people to with this? AI? Machines? Robots? They are filling and connecting them with demons. Did you think this was going to be just like the Sunday school teacher or preacher said? Its a masterful cunning deception. everything is backwards just like when Jesus was here, and said they were going to do this. I remember when everyone's said they believe in God, that heaven awaits, and the tribulation was coming. Now they would like to convince you that an unchanging God has gone mad. And we are crazy. "I will send them a strong delusion, because they believe the lie. They believe the lies that the false prophets are spewing, have been speaking for years. seek your own salvation with fear and trembling. Remember, Jesus said to God. All of me is in you and all of you is in me, and I want them to have the same thing as we have. trust God and don't take the shot and you will be in our Father's house sooner than you think

Trish 12 days ago

Dr. June God Bless you and keep you and your family in His hands. Thank you for being a Watchwomen on the wall.
Love, sister in Christ Jesus

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