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As I'm writing my books, I watched this to see the symbolism having to do with the N**hides and the "We the People" UN Agenda. You can see through this video.

In this movie I see a lot of references to the language of the N**hide Laws. They talk about moral and natural law (we know this is purposeful language).  Also, when they say, "We need to come TOGETHER and fight this".....I see this as how the world is going to come together in UNITY to fight the evil CABAL (Dr. Fauci, etc.) and be in their FREEDOM FARCE utopia. This is the one world order agenda.

The Statue of FREEDOM:

As you can see in this picture, they are standing around this statue.  In the film they make this sound very noble. They romantasize why she is there (by using a slave to design it). However, look at the real reason of this GODDESS OF LIBERTY:


This is another example of NAR romanticizing sin.

Another Man's Perspective on this Statue

See the official Definition by the US Capitol

They're saying it's a symbol of "freedom and democracy" across the world. (UN word - democracy). The goddess stands on a globe. Ten points on the head. It's 19.5 feet tall and weighs 15,000 pounds.

My Thoughts:

When I was serving the country by prayer at the US Capitol for three months (Nov 2018 - Jan 2019), the Lord revealed much to me about the spirit over the Capitol. I realize that this place really affects the whole world. We pass laws that affect every country. Now that the UN has taken over the country (WHO), we see how they are passing laws that are changing the world as a whole. 

We the People in this film is to push the church into worship FREEDOM and revising feelings of the way "things were" in the old country. It is also a way to pull the country together in UNITY in this new world order.

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