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January 18, 2022 - (Hosts - Dr. June & Lesley) - Today we learned from Prime Minister :

  • that they are really moving forward in their robust technology sector
  • Infusing information technology with medical
  • Mr. Bennett is personally running the COVID Task Force so that they can make quick, early decisions
  • 5% of his population is tested everyday - 450,000!
  • He does not do lockdowns or close schools
  • Pandemics are all about the data
  • Beyond medicine, the world is going remote
  • Pandemics bring about chances of a cyber attack
  • Must have good cyber defenses
  • 1/2 global investments have been in Israel's cyber defense
  • He is building bridges in the communities around him - the Arab ones. - Jordan, Israel & Egypt
  • Technology is needed for: - improve economic security - improve health of everyone - People-to-People peace - Robust national database
  • We need an ongoing agency to handle global pandemics

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