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I have been wanting to get off Discord for a long time because I do not like the name and the logo. However...we compromised so that we can help you all to communicate with one another. To solve this problem, we created another social media and many of the Bride did not like it either because it wasn't as user-friendly as Discord, so we kept Discord. 

Well, last night at 11:30 p.m. I was looking through my settings and found that they have been recording me the whole time! It's just like Alexa! I preach against this! I do not believe in having recorders in the home like Alexa where they just record the audio all the time and keep your data. Many people say, "It's no problem, they record everything anyway." This is different. Let me show you:

According to

Discord malware is a persistent and growing threat warns Sophos

Malware 'can persist indefinitely unless reported' in the chat software's cloud files.

A few weeks back, leading cybersecurity company Sophos issued a warning that Discord is becoming an increasingly common target for hackers. The vicious few pushing out malware tend to target users of successful online services, and considering Discord's 140 million plus active users—with over 300 million registered to date—that makes the chat software a pretty juicy target.

Sophos notes the number of malware detections over the past couple of months has grown by almost 140 times what it was for the same period last year. And part of that problem comes down to how Discord files are stored in the cloud. 

"Once files are uploaded to Discord, they can persist indefinitely unless reported or deleted," the report says.

Read Report Here


You Should Know: Discord is spyware, and logs and sells everything you do / run on your computer for profit.

  • Discord's main source of income comes from selling collected data

  • Discord contains a process logger

  • Discord receives government requests for your information

  • Discord contains features which allow integration with other spyware platforms

  • Discord confirms that it collects large amounts of sensitive user data

  • Discord does not make its source code available

Discord explicitly confirms in its privacy policy[1] that it collects the following information:

IP Address

Device UUID

User's e-mail address

All text messages

All images

All VOIP data (voice chat)

Open rates for e-mail sent by Discord

*All of this information is literally embedded within their TOS, but more info on a free hosted website here, with citations:

Does Discord contain spyware?
Experts say Discord is spyware as it gathers all the information that goes through its proprietary communication platform. ... The majority of the information was verified to be saved, like the communications between the users. Discord was also found to use other spyware features like different types of telemetry.

Is Discord a Spyware? : What You Need to Know

Discord is the group-chatting software that has been built and designed for players. However, as it grows, Discord became open for general use involving all forms of communities. The platform is segregated into servers. Each service comes with its topics, channels, rules, and members. 

Likewise, Discord allows users to voice-chat and voice. They can also do live stream games or any other program right through their computers. 

The Dark Side of Discord

Discord is fun to use, but it poses a threat to users. Experts say Discord is spyware as it gathers all the information that goes through its proprietary communication platform. While Discord is the centralized communication platform, every communication has to pass through the official servers of the platform in which the information can be recorded. 

The majority of the information was verified to be saved, like the communications between the users. Discord was also found to use other spyware features like different types of telemetry. The key income source of this platform is from the investments from where the company got more than 279 million dollars. 

A recent malware entered Discord, according to experts. This malware can steal email addresses, phone numbers, usernames and passwords, IP addresses, and many more. The malware that affects this chat app is known as the Spidey Bot. 

Apart from stealing personal information, this malware can also copy the initial fifty characters from the Windows clipboard that can be case-sensitive details as well as passwords. It can also create backdoors for other malware to enter. Mac users are less likely to be targeted by the said malware. 

Experts speculated the malware travels through the chats, making itself look like cheats for the games, not a kind of malicious software. These files, Synapse X.exe and Blueface Reward Claimer.exe, are said to be the latest malware found in Discord. While it seems to be difficult to tell whether you have the malware on your device or not, it is best to uninstall and reinstall Discord to make sure the malware files are removed. 

Is Discord a Spyware?

Discord doesn’t make the source code accessible for users. Meaning, it’s unbearable to download and examine the source code of Discord. In that case, it is impossible for anyone to detect, confirm, and answer the question: “Is Discord a spyware?”. Note that any program that is not making the source code it uses available for the public is potentially spyware.

Moreover, Discord also said the platform is collecting sensitive or confidential user data. The platform openly verifies that in the privacy policy of its website, stating that it gathers the following:

  • User’s IP address
  • Email address
  • UUID of the device
  • Text messages
  • Images
  • VoIP data or voice chat
  • Email open rates provided by Discord

Discord doesn’t clearly confirm it gathers logs of other programs ran by your computer. However, the platform still obtains it by default. You can break down the implications of the information this way: by copying your IP address, Discord will be able to trace your location in general (particularly, the country where you are located). 

Likewise, the platform can tell the devices you use as it can identify every device and how often you use them because Discord can record your usage habits. Discord can do that because it is often open and running in the background, allowing it to receive messages. 

Also, Discord can record each interaction that you have together with other users via its service. It means the platform clearly logs each conversation you have via Discord and will recording anything you say through the platform. It can also view the images you sent through the platform. In short, none of the interactions you have stay private. 

The privacy policy of Discord also comes with repetitions of phrases like “to name a few,” which clearly confirms that Discord has several spyware features that the company did not disclose to users. 

Moreover, the platform has features that enable integration together with another spyware platform. It has an opt-in spyware feature called social media incorporation that allows users to sync their constant user identity in Discord with their constant user identity in another spyware platform like Twitter and Facebook. 

In the privacy policy on its website, Discord verified that when you opt in to the mentioned spyware feature, the platform will get wide access to your details by those spyware platforms synced with Discord. 



Due to the discovery of the recordings and spyware, etc., WATB officially disconnected from the app and went live and told the Bride what happened. Please forgive us Bride. We had no idea it did all of this. We also disconnected Bride Social because it wasn't being used enough. We have an APP we would love for you to download. We will create a prayer room in the app and you can chat on there as well. 


Just because WATB deleted their servers, does not mean you are off there. You are still on there. If you want to disconnect you will need to delete your account. All of you that were on there are still on there and can chat with your other friends if you do not care about the dangerous risks of opening your home up or the spyware, etc. Some people do not care these days.

At WATB I have tried hard to provide avenues for you all to connect and meet. Let's be thankful for all that time we had together. WATB still has other ways to connect. If you have any questions, or need help to disconnect, please call the office at 931-915-8042 or email at Thank you.