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We are the Bride Ministries is very proud to announce that Dr. June has completed Book #7 out of the 8 What the World Series! Noahide Laws book is officially published! This book contains the interviews from experts such as Steven & Jana Ben-Nun, Pamela Schuffert, Celeste Solum, Lynn Taylor, Dr. June Knight, Jeff Byerly and other insights. This book is epic!

The church is in the end times of Biblical prophecy.The final Christian persecution is going to lead to their martyrdom. They will either die naturally, through martyrdom and go home to Heaven when the angel comes with the Harvest Sickle and we stand with Jesus on that beautiful sea of glass. Our destiny awaits as the Beast is about to increase the persecution against the church through these seven Noahide Laws. Within this book we have expert insight into what is coming. These experts were through Noahide Week conference, Bride Time Live interviews and other interviews on with Dr. June Knight. This book explains all you need to know and how to prepare for what is coming. Do not be deceived by this world-wide Satanic agenda.

From London to the White House, God has given Dr. June a great perspective on the church. In these What the World books, she clarifies the end-time scenario for the Bride.

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