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Many people watch certain doctors and leading experts because of their knowledge of what's happening. The darkness that's attached to them will enter. You are feeding off their vine/tree. This is why God wants me to stop doing all the "research" and spending days on end discovering the darkness and revealing it. It taints you. The rabbit hole goes way too deep and will suck you in. 
Bride you cannot choose your LOVE FOR KNOWLEDGE over the Bible. People watch and listen to NEW AGE DOCTORS AND TEACHERS because they believe in the "truth" they are telling. RUN FROM THIS. We are not to touch the unclean thing. People say "eat the meat and spit out the bones"....ok say that to God. are touching the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. If you know they are connected to a rotten vine then DON'T RECEIVE FROM THEIR FRUIT. IT WILL TAINT YOU.
WHICH MAY BE THEIR PURPOSE. TAINT THE CHURCH. I've taught you enough that you know what to look for. Just because they have good knowledge doesn't mean you are to listen to them. Listen to God. If they are promoting the Devil...then don't touch ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.
The church is doing this now...they're all merging to help a common enemy (deep state, vaccines, child killers, etc. This is how the BEAST is pulling people uniting them in a common cause. Please be careful

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