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 News today : Dr. June knight unravels the debacle we are seeing today in the world. She states " what is happening in Afghanistan has been planned from the beginning." With that said people need to get offended so they can have an answer for you, sound familiar? Yes Hegelian DialecticProblem, Reaction, Solution. She goes on to warn the Bride by 2022 they are going to move around the world 1.4 MILLION people in various places. Scattering them to break up religions that are already formed. Setting the stage for ONE WORLD RELIGION and NOAHIDE LAWS. She confidently states that the United Nations is using the Taliban as a SCAPEGOAT breaking international law. She discovers the word that all the video clips have in common and that is the word " COMMUNITY.. .'' Just like the new name for the Pfizer Vaccine Comirnaty meaning " Community, a community messenger of a vaccine.`` Pulling everything together in GLOBAL COMMUNITY.