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The Idol Worship of Trump/Golden Calf – A Complete Setup for the Persecution Coming

What an embarrassing situation for the church to find the golden statue of President Trump rolling through the CPAC conference in Florida. As if the church is already under enough fire over them prophelying to the world of his second term, now we have to look like a bunch of idol-worshippers to the far-left. Or…did Trump do this to make us look like this? Is this a setup to further put the nail in the coffin to the real church by the NAR supporters and Trump? This is an example of how far off the rail our nation has become.

  • We overlook his loyalty to the LGBTQ, and his push of the perversion across the world.
  • We overlook his endorsement of the vaccine and technology involved.
  • We overlook him cussing our God twice in 2019 publically in front of millions of people.
  • We overlook his terrible mouth as he destroys lives.
  • We overlook the church partnering with him, LGBTQ, and false religions.
  • We overlook him bringing the LGBTQ and progressives into the GOP (thus tainting the party).

Now that Biden is continuing where Trump left off….we want to cry about it. We can’t. We are in judgment due to our involvement and lack of repentance. Now we see his son working alongside the LGBTQ movement (and daughter), and hosting AmericanPriority events in Tampa each year. At this event is where they all meet with the NAR, Trump Staff, family and LGBTQ/PROGRESSIVES.

Look at this debacle!

Could this be a setup?

Knowing that they are wearing hats saying TRUMP 2024, and his film that was released prior to elections to show a world without Trump, we can guarantee that the LOOK AHEAD AMERICA either means “overlook what’s happening now that Biden is merging with UN and continuing what Trump did”, or to say “America, look at these false Christians worshipping their idol.” This may be meant as a way to point towards the great persecution such as Trump holding the Bible up last year was a signal to the persecution to the church to begin.

CPAC Also Hosts Ted Cruz – This is Another Nail in Our Coffin! Was this a setup too?

Ted Cruz is under fire because he went to sunny Cancun while his state was freezing to death. Look at this..

A week later…

Response from a Person on Twitter: (excuse language)

He Really Pounds the Nail Further in Our Coffin Here:

To top if off, they design the stage like HITLER? You can’t make this stuff up….

Even the LGBTQ showed up at this conference – this is the 1st gay cabinet member Trump appointed!

Needless to say Bride, this fiasco that is taking place at CPAC is a painting a bad light on the true church. God help us all.

Other pictures of Trump Worship:

Love Savanna’s costume 😂

Posted by Donald Trump For President on Saturday, December 5, 2020

Chinese for Trump showing support for the President. Big rally out here in Sacramento.

Posted by Donald Trump For President on Saturday, November 28, 2020

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