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In the month of July we are going to reflect back at the days of 2020 and what happened to see where we are at now. We will play scenes from 2020 on our YouTube Channel -  We are kicked off our other channel for another week. Then one of our strikes disappears at the end of July so we will not do anything on that channel except say hi once until we come back in August.

So enjoy THE FLASHBACK TO THE FARM. You can watch on YouTube and listen at WATB Radio.

For the month of July we will listen to all 26 episodes of the Good Morning on the Farm. After Dr. June left the White House, she spent the first couple of months helping an elderly lady. Following this event she moved to Brock's house to pray and find out where God wanted her next.  While there she started a show called GOOD MORNING ON THE FARM. This show quickly became famous because of the adventures of the animals, the stories about Dr. June's travels and the knowledge she had about the White House/governmental affairs. Many would say it's like sitting at the table with her and talking.

So, after that show ended, the Knights heard from God and packed up to move to their home state - Tennessee. Now they are nestled in the mountains South of Nashville. The Knight Family found an office in the downtown district and they worked very hard to prepare the building for the vision. Now they all work together to help the Bride.

A year later the Beast is closing in and we need to remember how it all began because President Trump, the Patriot Movement, the America First Agenda is deceiving the church and luring her in to this false image - the IMAGE OF THE BEAST. By listening to these programs, you will be reminded of all the things Trump did while President to see how he BUILT THE INFRASTRUCTURE for Biden!

After this, we are publishing our children's book called GOOD MORNING ON THE FARM. We will hightlight the animals:

  • Curly - The Boss. He was the one who ran the herds. He was famous because of his curly blonde hair in the front of his head. He had red fur. He had such a personality and made people laugh a lot. Curly is known for chasing the FedEx truck after the farmer took away his girlfriends the day before. He jumped the fence and chased it down the road! ALL THIS WAS LIVE!

  • Rocky the Famous Golden Shepherd - He is famous! He was farm caretaker. He had many shenanigans. He was famous for dragging the dead sheep in front of the camera, chasing squirrels, barking at the cows, etc.
  • Limpy the Rooster - Daniel named him. He was mean!
  • His Girlfriends - These are two girl cows who followed Curly everywhere.  They were big fat black cows. Curly was sad one day when the farmer took away his girlfriends.
  • Rusty the Donkey -- He was a donkey that only lived a week once the Knight's got him. He was the sweetest and would run to Dr. June and lay his head on her shoulders while she rubbed his muscular chin. He had a personality.

So enjoy the flashbacks! We will lay out the V rollout!

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