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Every Tuesday night you will be strengthened to preach, deliver and heal! Email Brock for more info. Order your manual here

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Below is the introductory welcome: 

Hope yall are having a great day! We appreciate the interest each of you have shown in the Study Group here at the WATB office. Myself, Laura, & Mom have been personally changed and freed by studying the Word of God through this teaching. We are honored to lead each of you through this. You are about to learn sound doctrine. It’s what the Bible actually says. It’s keeping it simple, doing the Word of God as God intended…and as Jesus did it. 
Hope you are excited like we are!
This is designed to be a serious training/boot camp/study group every Tuesday Night. We are hosting those who are local here in the office at Winchester, TN. Everyone else who is our virtual family will join via Zoom Conference.
What you can expect to get out of this training with us:
1) You will learn how to share your testimony. In a 30 second version and a 2 minute version. I will coach you and have you memorize it.  Then I will have everyone practice practice practice in front of everyone so that you are trained up and equipped to share in your daily life!
2) You will learn how to share the simple, effective, whole gospel of Jesus Christ.
3) You will learn how to pray and we will track the answered prayer and coach you up to be more effective.
4) You will learn how to hear God and journal it.
5) We will practice studying the Word and rightfully dividing/interpreting the Word and applying it.
6) You will learn to heal the sick, cast out devils, & raise the dead. We will practice this as much as possible. We will provide times for you to come with us in person and practice and you will do it alone as well. 
7) We will coach you up in loving others and practicing exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit throughout your daily life. 
It’s going to be amazing…powerful…and you will grow alot!
***It is required that you show up, on video, and be present. We are making special effort to devote time to be there for you, train you, coach you up, and help you.
Here’s the training videos from JGLM, called DHT, or Divine Healing Technician Training. This link below has all the videos for the trainings we will do…and much more!
Here’s the manuals, they cost money ($15 for the digital version download)- they are over 100 pages though, they’re awesome: 
- Purchase the DHT Manual from the link above. Read to all the way til Section 2. 
- We are starting at SECTION 2 in the Manual on Tuesday Night.
- Watch the 1st video on the link above (1st session) (You can watch every video before Tuesday if you want…but at least the 1st video)
- Be ready and log in early on to the Zoom Conference Link before 6pm.
- I will email everyone the Zoom link the hour before the start time (between 5pm and 6pm).
- Be ready to take notes, have your Bible, and come ready to learn!
Let’s do this!
Next Tuesday Night at 6pm is Meet & Greet and we get started with training at 6:30pm. 
I’ll send the link beforehand once I have the Zoom conference live and ready.


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