29 Mar: NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight – “V” Passport Coming – Is this the BUY OR SELL?

Dr. June revealed the White House’s plan to present a COVID-19 passport to you soon. They are proclaiming it will not be federally mandated. Dr. June explains how it will be done by the corporates and businesses, of which the White House admits that it will be done by the private sector. The private sector is the businesses and corporations who are now squeezing everyone through employment claims etc.


05 Feb: NEWS TODAY – The Government Wants to be the Savior – First it was Trump now Biden – See a pattern?

President Biden held a Press Conference in the East Room at the White House. He explains how he recognizes the suffering happening in the country. He is presenting it like the government wants to be your god. GOD WANTS TO BE THE ANSWER. LET’S USE THIS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CHURCH TO STEP IT UP. PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER.


03 Feb: NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight – Dept of State, Immigration, Human Rights, Persecution, UNITY of One World Religion, etc.

Today we learned about the Jews planning to pray in their Messiah on February 21st all across the world. They are planning to cast a coin and stop what they are doing to all PRAY IN UNITY at the same time. This is at the same time that NAR is praying in UNITY for the next six weeks. They both are participating in “As One” campaigns of UNITY. We examined the State Department’s role in the United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights agenda, Agenda 2030, etc. We talk about the funding that the Trump Administration has given to push the LGBTQ agenda and woman rights across the Earth and now into Kuwait. We talked about the apparent “normalization” that is happening in the US with the merging of all the Americas.