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Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with an Anonymous Nurse About “V” & Current Day Events

Over 60% of the medical industry does not want to take the “V” because they believe in science. The forces that be are not telling us what is in the virus. For this reason, the medical industry is refusing to allow something they don’t know what is in it in their bodies.

<~~~~~~~~~~anonymous nurse
Nurse tells all.

On a beautiful sunny day at the WATB Center, this beautiful woman came in to meet the Knight Family. Dr. June sat down with this woman in her late 50s. She began to explain her heart-ache of having to quit her job after working there for over thirty years. She recollected how she was a part of the HIV crisis back in the 80s and her journey of serving others. She cried as she explained how much she loves being a nurse. It was her whole life. Then she began to explain how COVID-19 changed her life. Listen to her story and opinion of what’s happening in the country with the “jab” agenda. She wishes to remain anonymous.

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