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Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin

March 9, 2021 – Dr. June interviewed Dr. Baldwin and asked him many questions: 1. What is happening today? 2. What about current day eschatology? 3. How are other ministers treating you since you expose Zionism? 4. What about the Noahide Laws? Why won’t people who expose Zionism not address the Noahide Laws? The elephant in the room? 5. How do we talk to our families about all of this? 6. What about the “V”? See more of Dr. Baldwin at – https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/

About Dr. Baldwin:

BORN: May 3, 1952, to Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Baldwin in La Porte, Indiana. Chuck’s father, Ed Baldwin, was a master welder by trade and a converted alcoholic. Ed’s deliverance from alcohol addiction is one of the great miracle stories of the 20th Century. The international radio program “Unshackled” at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago produced two dramatic reenactments of Ed’s life story. He was an ordained chaplain in the jails and prisons of northern Indiana for over 35 years.

FAMILY: Chuck is married to the former Miss Connie Kay Cole. Chuck and Connie were married on June 2, 1973, after meeting in college. They have three children and ten grandchildren. Their oldest child Sarah is a school teacher and is married to Allan, who owns a structural engineer company. Their son Chris owns a construction company. And their son Tim is an attorney. All three children and their families are active, dedicated Christians. 

CALL TO MINISTRY:  As a young man, Chuck had decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. His plan was to join the U.S. Marine Corps and afterward begin working as a Deputy Sheriff in La Porte County, Indiana. The Sheriff at that time was family friend, Cliff Arnold. (Arnold later became an Indiana State Representative.) Mr. Arnold had told Chuck that following his tour in the Marines, a position at the Sheriff’s office was waiting for him. All that changed in the summer of 1970 when Chuck answered the divine call to the Gospel ministry under the music and preaching of Evangelist Bill and Jan Pappadopoulos–known as “The King’s Trumpeter”–at the First Baptist Church in Winamac, Indiana. The pastor was Rev. Larsene “Bud” Hall. As a result, after graduating from high school, Chuck enrolled in Bible College.  READ MORE

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