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Brock & Laura Knight


Brock & Laura Knight serve alongside Dr. June Knight as WATB.tv White House Correspondents, Pastors of WATB Church, & Directors of WATB and Treehouse Publishers. They live around Winchester, TN and are daily serving the needs of the People of God. Brock & Laura have 2 children and a 3rd one on the way: Daniel, Catalina, & (soon) Samuel. You can’t forget Rocky and the chickens!

Brock grew up around Nashville, TN and Laura was raised first in Bogota, Colombia, South America. Brock and Laura are passionate about living their lives as examples. Living what they teach is the core principle the Knight Family stands for. Although Brock & Laura had great schooling and have studied abroad and under great ministries, they stand on their mission to be current day examples of believers on the Earth. To be a mature son of God, to live holy, obedient, and fiercely passionate all the way til the end DOING the Great Commission. That is the motto and cry from the Knight home!

Don’t wish everything is always tomorrow or “over there”. Everything you need is here and now. God has created you to be the perfect expression of Himself. You must seek God to find out that expression. Don’t sell yourself short. Rise up Bride of Christ!

<~~~~Brock Knight, Author of Heaven Awaits Your Expression
Brock has written his new book Heaven Awaits Your Expression, released in December 2020. The book is a glimpse into the experience Brock had in Heaven at the beginning of 2020. You will be given many opportunities to experience your Lord & Savior in a new way when you read the pages of that book. You will see what Heaven calls “your expression” and you will never be the same again.

You can find Brock & Laura teaching on WATB.tv, Biblically Whole website and YouTube channel, and every Sunday at the WATB Church in Winchester, TN.

Brock and Laura in front of the President’s Office
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