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Hello Bride. Wow, what a past two weeks we have had! God has really been moving! At the bottom of this blog, you will see a video of our Day 5 Prayer Meeting. During this time God made it very clear that it is time for me to give up the NEWS Today show (focusing on news 90% of the time in my ministry). I cried a lot because I've been a watchman on the wall for years now and this show has been one way to express what I have learned. This show has also been great to interview all the different people and many of you have come through the different people. I am very grateful.

Now God is moving me more towards full-time preaching in the pastoral position. Now I will be doing 80% ministry and 20% news. Sunny D will still be doing the daily News with Sunny D on the website. This just means that I will share news rarely. It will mostly be about the church and what is happening. 

When I do the news I will be Dr. June, but when I'm pastoring and ministering to you guys, please call me Sister June, Mama June or Pastor June. Whichever you feel comfortable with. The doctor education is what God gave me through seven years of school and it was for the role as White House Correpondent and my professional career. So, when I write articles, etc., I will still put that name down - also writing books.

I hope now to do more writing so that I may help you more. I love you all.

Mama June