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Hi Mama June!

Thank you so much for your work over these last years and for praying for me at times and helping us fast and helping us laugh in the scariest time in all our lives! 

Because I knew many of the Global Agendas before Covid, I got seriously scared March 2020 and had a break down.  We are in a National Forest and if I hadn't had your livestreams for the first year, I might have gone into worse shape!!  Your ability to face this and be joyful through it all helped me sooo much!!  NO ONE and I mean no one was listening to me at the beginning until later.  Thank you, thank you thank you for your fun and crazy  livestreams as we all learned WHAT THE WORLD was happening to us all!!  It felt like I had a real ~emotional~ up and down, God-fearing woman in the room in my darkest hours!! 

Praise God for how God made you!! 

Blessings, dear sister.  Can't wait to meet you in glory!!

<~~~~~MtnGirl in Oregon