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Vince Corso 
Dr. Knight , I saw you a few times in 2020 and than lost sight of you and had issues with technology. Praise the Lord for my friend and sister leading me back to you. Just watched your latest "T.M.O.T.B. " Beyond excellent; informative; visual; insightful and scriptural.
You are knowledgeable and my spirit bears witness with you and the truth revealed to me. You are a blessing sharing the truth you do know and I could not agree more with that truth you are dispensing. We must persevere and stay untainted and faithful to Christ now more than ever. What a blessing you are and you have such an engaging personality.
I am so thankful for you still being there. I'm the one who moved. I'm back now a child of the King and His Bride. Prayers for you in His glorious name forever my precious sister. I am a senior on a limited income but I do plan on purchasing at least one of your recent books in the near future. !
Your Brother Vince