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Hi I am Melissa. I am unsure how to put my thoughts down coherently. That was an amazing experience for me. I'm quite  overwhelmed by it. I have never been just suddenly healed by the Father. Praise God! I was simply ready. I have been so blocked by my own hatred and bitterness towards my mother and father. I have been knowing I need to let this go. I had no idea how. I knew there was a door God wants me to walk through. I know it's there but I just can't find it. I've been stumbling around trying to find the doorknob. Then David Beverly comes back on YouTube. Everyone is chatting about Dr. June...  Who is Dr. June? Then he replays your interview  and at the end of that your show was live! Well I jumped on that. You were speaking about your mother and being on the floor doing spiritual warfare for her past  my exact issues. I'm dealing with satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse, lots of trauma. Trying to deal with these things and be a moderately functioning human...

I'm disabled. Recently my disability became worse. I've had an almost constant shingles outbreak on my left foot since early February. Right when 5G went live. You prayed a prayer, I prayed along. You had me forgive myself  the words of hate I spoke to myself. I forgave myself. My foot tingled right then. And I could stand and walk. Praise God! Significantly less pain  I slept last night so hard, I'm up before the birds and the dog  
I want to thank you for being willing to speak Father's truth on YouTube. I needed you to and I'm so grateful.