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Hello Bride!

In this video I announce that many changes are taking place in this ministry right now. That shift I was feeling in June came to pass. Things have moved around and new assignments are given by God.  Brock and Laura had baby Samuel in May and now they are in a custody battle for their son Daniel.  They have so much going on and feel the leading to prepare their home for what's coming. Although he will not be the head pastor here and working five days a week in the office, he will still be doing his DHT trainings on Tuesday nights and uploading various teachings on his Biblically Whole YouTube Channel.  He had to drive 35 minutes one way to work everyday and with this new season they are feeling a change in their obligations. He will focus on preparing their home for what's coming and the fight for his son. He also is praying about how to continue his ministry. Please pray for them.

At We are the Bride Ministries, I moved closer to the office - one minute away.  God has also blessed me with a woman named Rae who moved here from Oregon. We have been working on moving into both of our houses. Beginning in August she will take the position of Moderator Leader in-house, and will take our moderators to a whole new level. She will be in charge of the notification system when I go LIVE. She will setup the text messaging, etc. She will also be on all the lives and make moderating more efficient. We thank Tender for all her hard work with the moderators over this past year! She has been amazing. 

Tender is going to be used now in her giftings, which is music and prayer. She will now be leading more events with prayer and worship. We will be doing more collaborative events singing together. Beginning in August she will inform you of how we will move forward in prayer. Her email address is I'm so excited about the opportunity to do prophetic worship with her! She will still moderate here and there.

Then with Sunny - Sunny will continue to do the daily news and she will no longer be moderating. She is going to help more with the news. So, expect better efficiency in the news as well!

We still have our awesome bookkeeper! She moved here from Florida and what a blessing!

So, we have many volunteers from across the country as well:

  • Happy Gilmore is my assisttant who plans the speakers. She will be very busy because I will be interviewing more. Please let me know if you think someone needs to be interviewed.
  • Leslie does our radio. She is doing a fabulous job. She was moderating but will not be moderating as she is moving!
  • We no longer have a Dallas group. Until I get more help I cannot go to this level yet.
  • If you would be interested in being a moderator, please email to register for our August class on August 6th.

I will resume the BAM Bible Studies on Monday Morning. I will be back in the office full-time then. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

I will be doing more ministry and teachings versus the news. I will still do one main news show a week and pop-up news during the week when something pertinent happens. However, my main focus will be to prepare the Bride.


Momma June