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In the month of July we are doing two things. One is this - dedicating the month of July to repentance, prayer and consecration to the Lord. We will do 80-90% ministry of prayer, bible studies, etc. and much less NEWS. We will do NEWS only in states of emergency. We need to focus our energy this month on what God is saying to each individual Christian. We encourage you Bride to separate yourself unto God and hear from Him. We encourage you to not go into the darkness of knowledge for a while and seek God's face for where HE wants to take you to finish this race. The Beast is closing in and we need to PRESS IN.
Many people are in transition right now and this is the end of the summer before school starts and the BEAST agenda escalates. Let's step back a minute and hear the WORD OF THE LORD for our lives. We will fast just one thing for the month of July. Whether it's a meal a day, coffee, too much knowledge, or whatever. Just press in to Heaven and hear his cry.

This is the BRIDE'S CRY in July 2021.

Love you,
Dr. June Knight