10 Feb: NEWS ALERT – FEMA Installing Ai Into Churches! ***EMERGENCY***

Danger danger danger! Bride, I’m packing to leave this morning on my way to Branson and this email comes in. I had to do a LIVE broadcast and warn you that DHS is installing Ai in the churches AND FUNDING IT! Please see this email and talk to your pastors. This means the BEAST moves in. This is terrible on every level. God help these pastors who are selling their churches out!


05 Feb: NEWS TODAY – The Government Wants to be the Savior – First it was Trump now Biden – See a pattern?

President Biden held a Press Conference in the East Room at the White House. He explains how he recognizes the suffering happening in the country. He is presenting it like the government wants to be your god. GOD WANTS TO BE THE ANSWER. LET’S USE THIS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CHURCH TO STEP IT UP. PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER.