What Do We Believe?
Our convictions and teachings...

We believe in the true word of God. We believe in:

  1. salvation through accepting Jesus in your heart and turning from our wicked ways.
  2. Baptism in Water - fully
  3. Baptism in Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues
  4. Operating in the gifts and callings of God
  5. We believe we are in tribulation now and in great judgment
  6. We believe the mark of the beast is being rolled out now or very soon
  7. We believe the Antichrist is about to step on the scene
  8. We believe the Beast is Ai and is the system as a whole
  9. We believe that the False Prophet consists of the Vatican and NAR. (New Apostolic Reformation).
  10. We believe that we only have a short amount of time left before Jesus comes back after His Bride
  11. We believe God is going to use us mightily in these last days.
  12. We believe the Holy Spirit speaks and guides us into truth.
  13. We believe in holiness, consecration and purity at all costs.
  14. We believe you can backslide and we live in spiritual warfare.
  15. We believe in Hell and Heaven. The choice is up to us on which destination.
  16. It is God's will for every person to go to Heaven. It's not His will that any perish. When people choose their own way and not God's...they become a god unto themselves. We must give God the pen to our books and allow Him to write our destinies.
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