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We Are The Bride Ministries (WATB) is the service the Knight Family gives every day in response to the Great Commission of our Commander in Chief Jesus Christ: to Preach His Gospel and Teach All Nations. This is our Mission.

WATB is directed by Dr. June Knight along with her son Brock and his wife Laura Knight. Out of Winchester, TN, in the Cumberland Mountains.  The Knight Family serves the Lord through their positions of White House Correspondents, Authors of more than 11 books, directors of TreeHouse Publishers, Pastors of the WATB local & Digital Church, hosts on WATB.tv Youtube, and hosts on WATB.radio.

The Knight Family has endeavored to live their lives as an open book to all of the Bride of Christ. The constant theme within the family is to make sure that darkness is exposed, the truth is brought to the light, and the Bride knows how to stand on the Word of God all the way til the end. WATB acknowledges the times that we find ourselves in. It is the time of judgment we have read about in the Bible. We are living in times like no other. Now is the time to wake up, stand up, and win as many people to the Lord as possible!

Please explore our site and discover how you can stand strong no matter what comes your way. You must know what the enemy is doing behind the scenes in our US Government. God has taken Dr. June Knight to the White House in the Press Corps to see up close and personal what is really happening in our nation and the world. Things are not always as they make it out to be. WATB sees the need for Christians to be informed about what is truly happening from a godly Bible believing  perspective. 

TreeHouse Publishers was started by Dr. June Knight to publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of books, digital material, and any other means available to serve the Bride. Tree House publishes the books written by the Knight Family and offers publishing services to other authors as well. Contact TreeHouse Here to discuss what that would look like.

Dr. June, Brock, & Laura Knight welcome you to join the mission with us. Do you want to participate in filling heaven with new born again souls? Are you looking for a team to join hand in hand with to build up eternal treasures in Heaven that really matter? Are you wanting to serve God and be used mightily to serve others but need training? If you are frustrated on what to believe in the news, who to believe in the Church, and what to believe in the Bible…then let us help you.

The Knight Family exits to provide all the resources possible to help you settle it all once and for all. Settle it inside. Find the Truth, settle it inside your mind and heart, and start obeying it today with us! Join us as we spread the truth in these last days as long as we have the platform to share.

If you are looking to support We Are The Bride Ministries, Dr. June Knight personally, or Brock & Laura Knight personally, you can do that here: Donate Here

WATB Directors, Correspondents, & Editors
Dr. June Knight

Founder & President of WATB & TreeHouse Publishers

  • WATB White House Correspondent  
  • Author of Ten Books written for the Bride of Christ
  • Bible Teacher
  • Singer 
  • Eschatology Specialist
Brock Knight
  • Director of WATB, TreeHouse Publishers, Biblically Whole, & Knight Family Ministries 
  • Co-host on WATB.tv 
  • Pastor of WATB Church 
  • WATB White House Correspondent  
  • Teacher on WATB.tv and Biblically Whole Youtube Channels 
  • Author of Heaven Awaits Your Expression 
Laura Knight
  • Co-Director of WATB, TreeHouse Publishers, Biblically Whole, & Knight Family Ministries 
  • Co-host on WATB.tv 
  • Co-Pastor of WATB Church 
  • WATB White House Correspondent  
WATB.tv Moderators
Zilren Rocha
Nannie Anderson
Shelly Pettit
Lady Viola
Tim Seth
Greta K.
RaeAnn Baer
Barb Sauer
Ruth Morris
Michelle Gastineau
Regina Richards
Marcia Jack
Sherry B
Lori Cost
Victoria Cunningham
Hazel Brown
Michelle Brenda
Beth Hedley
Tami Spotts
KK Keller
Micheal Stokes
Dana Kawcynski
Alixe Gabriel
Authors Published
Dr. June Knight

Author of the “We Are The Bride Series,” “American Quad Series, ” Kids Book Snookums, and The Mark of The Beast. Totaling 10 books.

Brock Knight

Author of “Heaven Awaits Your Expression”

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